Ski Season Update: Winter in Argentine Patagonia

Ski Season Update: Winter in Argentine Patagonia

The Austral winter is in full swing with all ski resorts now open across South America.  A vigorous series of storms impacted the Andes from early to late June and laid down a nice base.  Then the sun came out and it felt like mid-spring.  Ski conditions took a bit of a hit, but with good visibility and a stabilizing snowpack, riders were out in full force.  A few passing impulses late last week led to some dust on crust situations, but good snow could be found in favored locations.

Not to worry though, the storm track is lining up again and we are expected to get a good shot of snow starting tonight through the weekend:

Snow Forecast July 11-16, 2017
Updated weather forecast for July 11-16, 2017 (

We are already running tours in select areas and working with our partners to provide memorable trips for our guests.  As we continue to receive more snow, we will be getting further afield and exploring the vast Patagonian wilds.

Trip Report: Mallin Alto

Last week we visited our friends at Mallin Alto to sample their incredible terrain and get a handle on the snowpack for the future:


Photos courtesy of Pablo Pontoriero

This is one of our favorite locations to visit in Argentina, and their terrain, hospitality, and backcountry accommodations are unmatched.  Since their inception, we have been working together to provide guests with a truly unique and authentic Patagonian experience.  You can read more about Mallin Alto in Ascent Magazine’s feature article from February 2017.

We are excited to be running trips this early in the season and have had great feedback from our clients thus far.  With the heat wave crushing North America, it is time to get your friends and gear up for a second helping of winter.  August and September are the best times to book trips in Argentina due to a deeper snowpack, fewer crowds, and of course, the infamous Santa Rosa Storm.  We currently have seats available for you to join us on one of our Signature Tours.  Stay tuned as we continue to keep you updated on conditions and trip reports.

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