Ski Conditions Report: Major Storm Dumps Three Feet of Snow on Patagonia

Ski Conditions Report: Major Storm Dumps Three Feet of Snow on Patagonia

Chapelco Historic Snowfall
Historic storm plasters Cerro Chapelco just outside San Martin de los Andes, Argentina. (Photo Credit: Cerro Chapelco)


The Southern Hemisphere just got hammered by major winter storms from a massive cold airmass moving out of the Antarctic.  Copious moisture, good dynamics, and freezing levels down to 1000 feet made for historic snowfall across central Patagonia from Thursday to Saturday.  In some cases, the snowfall was so prolific it shut down major airports, transportation corridors, and resulted in power outages region wide.


Photo Gallery from across Patagonia (Photo Credit: Cerro Chapelco, Informeblanco, H. Pagnanelli, M. Ciotti)

Ski areas from Cerro Chapelco in the north down to Cerro Perito Moreno in the south experienced up to three feet of snow on average.  Certain favored areas saw even more and the towns and resorts are still digging out.  The best part of this storm is the lack of significant wind, which means the snow quality is top-notch Patagonian powder!

Photo Gallery from Patagonian resorts ( Photo Credit: Cerro Catedral, Cerro Perito Moreno, Cerro Chapelco)


The storm has just cleared and the sun is shedding light on the amazing coverage.  The density of the snow is perfect for continued base building across the Andean resorts.  We are taking this time to get an assessment of the snowpack and avalanche conditions as the winter kicks back into gear.  Cold temps will prevail through Thursday and then a brief warming trend takes hold with moderate winds.  Stay tuned to our blog for updates on weather and conditions.

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