• Venturing into the mountains always means participants assume a certain amount of risk.  At Patagonia Ski Tours, our staff takes safety very seriously and we work to ensure that every guest is well prepared for the mountain environments we encounter. At the onset of each trip we thoroughly brief everyone on anticipated hazards and our plans to manage risk.  
  • Backcountry safety and familiarity with equipment is essential when venturing out of bounds. We will always ensure that guests have proper avalanche safety equipment such as a transceiver, shovel, and probe and are proficient with using them. Our guides and trip leaders work closely with each guest before each tour to practice skills and make sure everyone is prepared to enter avalanche terrain.
  • Mountain rescue and medical evacuation in the remote regions we visit is available, but it can be quite different from what is found in other countries.  Our guide staff is highly trained in patient stabilization and making evacuation decisions should an accident occur, however, inclement weather, finite resources, and changing economic situations in the regions we visit may affect this process

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