Refugio Jakob (General San Martín) Reopens February 16th, 2018

Refugio Jakob (General San Martín) Reopens February 16th, 2018


Laguna Jakob
Laguna Jakob in summer

After a tragic fire that destroyed the hut in July of 2017, a huge community effort to rebuild Refugio Jakob (General San Martín) is about to reach completion.  This marks a triumphant return of one of the pinnacle huts in the Club Andino Bariloche system.

The most common season to visit the Refugio is summer, but it has seen increased winter usage from the local and international ski community.  The austral winter of 2017 proved to be one of historic proportions, inundating the region with meters of snow at a time.  This prohibited the immediate reconstruction efforts of the CAB, but allowed for increased fund raising and community engagement to rebuild the iconic structure.

Refugio Jakob after fire
The Refugio following the massive fire
Fire destroys hut
Total destruction of structure by fire










Since last July, a mountain of supplies has been organized and shuttled to the site.  Starting with materials to build two temporary dome structures that would serve as a base of operations as well as housing for backcountry travelers.  The domos are becoming more common in the area as people continue venturing further into the wild environs of Patagonia.


Jakob domos
Temporary Domos

Once the snow melted, a massive effort was undertaken to transport the building materials to the site of the new hut. Donations and collaborations between multiple agencies and organizations allowed the work to take place at a faster than usual pace.  Five months following the fire, the job is nearly complete.

Here are a few of the numbers:

  • 89 helicopter flights
  • 68,800 kgs. transported
  • 10 days of logistics with transfers, assembly and shipment of loads.
  • countless hours of preparation and hard work


Refugio San Martín -Lago Jakob-

Primeros vuelos con el helicóptero de Gendarmeria Nacional en Octubre con apoyo de Parques Nacionales al refugio San Martín.

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On February 16th, the CAB will recommission the refugio and it will resume its heritage as one of the enduring monuments to Andean mountain culture.  We look forward to visiting the new domicile during our next trip to Argentina and invite you to join us.

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