Patiently waiting for snow in Utah

Patiently waiting for snow in Utah

While the southern hemisphere enjoys its summer months, the guides at are currently working in the winter of Utah in the United States. As you may have already heard, the ski season is off to a slow start in Utah. On the heels of a record low December snow cycle, the Wasatch Range is currently experiencing lower than average snow coverage. As a result, most of the ski resorts have not yet opened all of their terrain, and the heliski season is temporarily on hold until they get more coverage. Such is the life of a skier. We are at the mercy of the weather (or lack thereof).

Current Utah Snow Depth (January 8, 2012) via satellite
Current Utah Snow Depth (January 9, 2012) via satellite

Sean has been hard at work at Snowbird, keeping the mountain safe in these sketchy conditions. In lieu of guiding heliskiing, Justin and the rest of the Wasatch Powderbird Guides have been busy building out their new second location at Canyons Resort in Park City. Powderbird is hoping to have operations in full swing by the end of January. Guests are encouraged to make reservations for February & March – discounted seats are still available in March. Check out their pages to get the latest updates: Dispatches, Powderbird Blog, Facebook, Twitter. If you can’t make it to Utah to heliski with Powderbird in the Wasatch this winter, you can still join them for heliskiing in one of their international locations: Greenland, Argentina, Chile, and Japan. Check out our Heliskiing page for more information about Powderbird International’s Argentina Heliski programs.

Heliskiing in Patagonia
Heliskiing in Patagonia

We have received an overwhelming amount of e-mails regarding the current status of the Bariloche Airport. The renovations reported in our previous post were completed according to plan, and the airport reopened as scheduled. However, airlines are dragging their feet on resuming flights to the area. At the moment, neither LAN nor Aerolineas Argentinas have scheduled flights to Bariloche. Aerolineas Argentinas has listed that they are planning to resume flights to Bariloche after January 31, 2012. The only current flight options are to fly to either Esquel or San Martin de Los Andes and take a shuttle bus into Bariloche. We have an excellent first-person account of the trip from one of our guests in a previous posts – click to read. We do know of a few small airlines that have been flying into Bariloche, but none of the major carriers seem to be in a rush to reinstate their segments to the area. Just as we can only wait for the snow in Utah, we must wait and see when the major airlines will return to Bariloche.

We will continue to do our best to keep you all informed and up to date on both the status of the Utah ski season and the status of the Bariloche Airport. Until then, we wait.

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