Inspiration comes in many forms.  For Patagonia Ski Tours founder, Justin Lozier, it was the rugged beauty of the Andes and the captivating culture of the Argentine people.  During his first Austral winter in 2005, Lozier began formulating a plan to share the experiences he had in this untapped region.  It had always been his goal to develop authentic adventures that highlighted the natural surroundings and payed homage to the incredible local heritage.  The skiing certainly brought him to the Andes, but the food, drink, music, and friendly faces keeps his heart in Argentina.

In 2010, Lozier joined forces with another intrepid explorer named Sean Zimmerman-Wall.  Together, the two mountain men, along with Lozier’s Argentine spouse, Catalina Lalor, spent much time seeking out unique venues to bring guests from across the globe.

As Patagonia Ski Tours celebrates a decade of exploring the region, we invite you to come and experience the incredible adventure that lies in this corner of the world.