“Bariloche, Mi Casa” Campaign

“Bariloche, Mi Casa” Campaign

Red Solidaria BarilocheLa Red Solidaria Bariloche (The Bariloche Solidarity Network), along with many other local institutions and businesses have organized a community clean up campaign, starting tomorrow, Monday, June 20 (National Holiday – Flag Day). It is known as the “Bariloche, Mi Casa” Campaign. They are calling upon all citizens, organizations and businesses of Bariloche to join in the communal effort to clean the volcanic ash from the city’s streets and sidewalks. Assistance will be provided by Public Works & Services, supplying trucks, dump trucks and other machinery. The event will begin at 9:00 am local time at the Civic Center with the singing of the national anthem, in celebration of Flag Day. Those whom are not in the area are asked to join in the singing of the national anthem at 9:00 and then sweep wherever you are. This symbolic sweeping will travel far and give the people of Bariloche the strength to work until 5:00 in the evening. Attendees will need to bring their own work equipment (gloves, brooms, shovels, wheelbarrows, and other tools) and are strongly advised to wear personal protective equipment (goggles and masks), as they will be working in the dust and ash. Women and children are encouraged to stay indoors to protect themselves from the dangerous machinery as well as from the agitated dust and ash that will be in the air whilst the clean up is being performed. Local businesses will be supplying food and drink for workers throughout the event. Residents are reminded to clean off their rooftops before the event begins, so the ash can be swept away.

For additional information or to offer donations, please send e-mail to: redsolidariabariloche@gmail.com

Update to our previous post: It appears as though both Cerro Catedral and Las Leñas have postponed their openings, due to unfavorable conditions. Cerro Catedral is open to foot passengers only on the Cable Carril aerial tram. Las Leñas is set to open June 25. Caviahue is currently the only open ski resort in Argentina.

Also, the airport in Bariloche is still closed, and it is uncertain if they will be able to make their proposed re-opening date of June 21. This should not have any adverse effects on our ski tours in the region, as we typically operate in the month of August, and things should be back to normal by then. We will keep you updated.

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