Bariloche Airport & Weather Update

Bariloche Airport & Weather Update

Please view our latest post for updated information on the status of the Bariloche Airport

The Bariloche airport is open conditionally, but most commercial flights to the region are still suspended, due to complications with volcanic ash on the runways, as well as in gates and other associated equipment. There is also the more obvious problem of volcanic ash clouds in the atmosphere, creating extremely dangerous flying conditions, as this ash may cause flight instruments to malfunction or fail. Check out the Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 website for flight status updates:

There was news of a private jet arriving at the airport in Bariloche last Wednesday, but experts say that those types of aircraft with air filtration systems are less vulnerable to the volcanic ash than a commercial jet.

At this point, we can only wish for the best and hope that the airport can return to normal operation soon. Our ski tours will be starting in three weeks, so let’s hope that this situation improves before then. As stated in our previous post, other overland transportation options exist to reach your ski destination in Patagonia.

There is a bit of good news in the way of snow. The latest forecasts are showing the possibility of 22-28″ of snow falling this week at Cerro Catedral and surrounding areas. The heaviest part of the storm looks to be coming down Wednesday night. Let’s hope this storm system hits hard, covers our slopes with snow, and pushes the ash clouds out of Patagonia!

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